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Radio Free Oz: Harnessing Mission Creep To The Dogs Of War: Week Of 5-9-2011
Mon, 09 May 2011 11:30:30

Harnessing Mission Creep To The Dogs Of War: Week Of 5-9-2011

Well, hasn't this been a week. No more Osama, and Obama triumphant. The GOP are shell-shocked because they can't play the "wuss card" any more when castigating the President. David reads a multi-part poem from his "Old Man" series about America frame dragging us through Afghanistan.

But, as we know, it's all moot because come the 21st of May, the best among us are going to be lifted up in the Rapture to the Throne of God, leaving the rest of us poor fools to face the tribulation, as if eight years of Dubya wasn't tribulation enough.

David and I discuss what this country is going to be like if George Friedman in his book, The Next Hundred Years is right, that this is not the end of the American Century but just the beginning. We will dominate the planet for the next hundred years, according to Friedman, and he lays out some pretty persuasive arguments to make his point.

Chaz Glass treats us to On Our Way with his group "The Sum Of Three" and David finishes off another delightful extended conversation with Li Ho's Third Moon poem from the Tang period. We remind you once again to push the green button on your right and become part of our Oz support team. Plug in and enjoy.

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