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Mon, 09 May 2011 15:19:31

If George Bush had successfully tracked Osama Bin Laden to his redoubt and taken him out, do you think the Democrats would have wasted their time complaining about the details that came out of the dust and blood of that desperate mission? And think of the thunder of chest thumping that would have rolled out of that White House of Washington warriors. The President would have had MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! tattooed on his brow to remind everyone that he got something right after all.

The Republicans are gobsmacked by the breadth of the administration's success. The classic picture of Obama and his advisors looking so very much on point as they follow the assassination at Abbottabad will haunt the GOP in 2012. How are they going to explain to their rabid base that the ineffective, collectivist sissy in the White House took down the terrorist whose face had graced every dartboard and shooting range target in America. Let me sum it up in rhyme.

America's gotten it's wish.
Osama now sleeps with the fish.
The Prez is a winner,
When he sits down to dinner,
There's no humble pie in his dish

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