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Thu, 12 May 2011 16:40:24

Dear, Mr. President,

I've been a solid supporter of yours ever since you entered the fray in 2008; so, rest assured, that what follows comes from a friend.

You're an exceptionally smart person, well educated, well read and well informed. Although the presidency is by nature an ivory tower job, your time community organizing on the streets of Chicago schooled you in the everyday reality of less fortunate Americans.

I know you took office after eight years of corrupt government that lied to us, swindled us and sent our fellow Americans to die in a war based on falsehoods and treachery. I know the economy was in a shambles, thanks to the criminal conspiracy engineered by the mortgage and banking cabals. You know it too, and so does your former Secretary of the Treasury, Larry Summers, who was snout deep in the whole sordid affair.

I know your party took a drubbing in the midterms, fueled by the millions of anonymous dollars set free by a Supreme Court that harbors those suborned Koch dealers, Thomas and Scalia.

When the patrician, FDR fashioned the New Deal to fight poverty and injustice, he was branded a traitor to his class. You're a middle class kid, leading a nation where the middle class is under siege. We're being squeezed, cheated and ground down; and if you don't come to our aid, then you're at risk of betraying your own.

I know you had to extend the odious Bush tax cuts in order to eke a smidgeon more unemployment benefits out of that collection of heartless skinflints, who have wiggled their way into congress.

You have to do what you have to do; but, paste some on, Mr. President. If you don't stop the plutocrats and ideologues from transforming this once vibrant democracy into a fiefdom for the greedy, amoral one-percent who own ninety-five percent of our working assets, then you'll have reneged on your promise of "hope" and "change."

What are you afraid of-a one term presidency? You're selling Americans short if think they'll abandon you if you stand up to the Tan Woodman and his cronies in the House, who are threatening us with default if we don't dismantle fifty years worth of key social programs. Give those Ayatollahs Hell, Mr. President!

I sure would like to be a fly on the debt ceiling when you do.

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