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Tue, 17 May 2011 15:58:43

Newt Gingrich has always been a loose canon. He's only newsworthy now because he's turned his weapon one-eighty, spraying the GOP with friendly fire. Where was the right wing umbrage when Gingrich accused the President of being a Kenyan trained anti-colonialist?

The Republicans are happy to let the Little Professor run at the mouth, as long as he keeps his invective focused on the Dems. But, when Newt calls out the radical social engineering underlying Paul Ryan's "Path to Plutocracy," every mouthpiece on the right cries foul.

It's fun to have the unpredictable windbag from Georgia on board. Newt's hyperactive, unregulated brain can be counted on to produce a slew of controversial ideas, and his unregulated mouth guarantees they'll be given voice.

Gingrich alone is brave (or reckless) enough to call out Ryan's Contract On Medicare and to support state mandated health insurance, a plan that Mitt Romney brought to Massachusetts, and from which he has been backpedaling ever since. All in all, faced with the sleep inducing collection of Republican candidates, it's a real boon to have Newt around to rouse the rabble. 

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