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Radio Free Oz: If You're Reading This, You're Doomed: Week of 5-23-2011
Mon, 23 May 2011 11:30:24

Week Of 5-23-2011

Welcome to the first post-Rapture Radio Free Oz. That is, if you're actually reading this, instead of frolicking in Heaven with the other inerrant 3% of the planet.

David and I recorded this show just as the Tribulation was scheduled to begin, according to the various End Timers who do the calculations. Maybe, they should have used the Russian calendar, in which case the Godly will be ascending the week after next, while we're stuck here for the next six months dealing with the anti-Christ. Hey, how bad can the anti-Christ be after James Dobson?

In honor of the Beginning Of The End, or is it the End Of The Beginning, we treat you to Marching To Shibboleth, rendered by the St. Louis Aquarium Choir, under the able direction of The Firesign Theatre.

Then David and I review the sorry lot of also-rans running for the GOP nomination. David honors the Little Professor with his Newt Gnome poem and we revive Dave's charming Pigeon Play.

Big Jim Tesaro joins us with a plutocratic plea to refrain from supporting Oz in it's Spring Fund Drive. Jim hates to see money flowing to anybody but himself, which males him part of the New Normal.

We go out with David's rendering of Li Po's Drinking With The Moon.

Yes, it's time for the Oz Spring Fund Drive which is explained in detail on the Home page. Help us go form the gold, and collect prizes galore along the way.

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