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Radio Free Oz Show Rap-Up for 8/25/10
Wed, 25 Aug 2010 20:08:19

The show kicks off with Afghan Gladiator, a piece I particularly like because I get to play a downbeat, seen-it-all, back-for-more character. Who thought when they joined the Marines they’d be draining an IUD swamp to build a girls’ school? Happiness Is A Worn Gun comes straight out of Harpers and caught David’s attention because of a Firesign quote. Will Pakistan's Nukes Work Under Water is about scary old (but not very old) Pakistan and the jihadists riding the wave of the latest deluge. Then it’s Dr. Laura and the “N” word which ain’t “nice”; a glimpse at the astronomer’s wish list; taking the pledge, “Don’t Retreat-ReTweet” with Scott Wild; getting Cee Lo Greene’s take on a jilt; encountering a rare sane mind from the Right; kicking Ronald McDonald in the clown pants; teaching the grunts to count; denying the flood; suffering the incomparable weaselness of Mitch McC and tasting a touch of the Tang in a endless war.

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