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Radio Free Oz: Is That A Weiner In Your Twitter? Week Of 6-6-2011
Mon, 06 Jun 2011 11:30:07

Is That A Weiner In Your Twitter? Week Of 6-6-2011

David and I do this show on the 67th anniversary of the Allied landing on the Normandy beaches. I've just landed back in L.A. after spending the weekend in New Haven Connecticut attending my 50th reunion at Yale. Four hundred of us were there, and I had the pleasure of doing a bit of stand up at the class dinner in Freshman Commons, which looks like the main hall of Hogwarts, where Harry Potter was educated.

David did a rundown of the present line up of Republican presidential candidates, which has been swelled by the addition of Rick Santorum. Can Michelle Bachmann be far behind? She can fill in for Sarah Palin, who rolled into Boston on her Bozo Bus and gave us a whole new take on the Midnight Ride Of Paul Revere. We then dabble with the quirky world of Weinergate, revealing that the besieged congressman sent pictures of his naked torso to a lady he wanted to impress. At last, a fresh scandal that involves a Democrat. I was beginning to believe that the Republicans had a strangle hold on the field.

We offer up The Stars Are Crying, a selection from The Western Heroes, featuring our own Dave Malony on drums. Good news from the world of anti-terrorism. The brits hacked an English speaking Al Qaeda Website and replaced the instructions for constructing a bomb with a receipt for making mojito cupcakes.

David raps things up Li Ho's Forth Moon Poem. Li is one of our favorite Tang era poets.

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