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Radio Free Oz: Never Wary - Now Weary Of The War: Week Of 6-13-2011
Mon, 13 Jun 2011 11:30:12

Never Wary - Now Weary Of The War: Week Of 6-13-2011

Newt implodes, Weinergate drags on, and nobody seems to be able to agree on some solution for the mess we are in. That's how we started off Oz this week, Dave Ossman and I. The job numbers are awful, the corporations are either hoarding their cash or spending it on gizmos instead of hiring Janes and Joes.

I read my screed Are You A Dodo? and then take a break with That Ain't All from The Sum Of Three, featuring the songs and stylings of our own Chas Glass.

Seems both sides of the aisle are growing weary of the war in Afghanistan. They've been asleep for years and now they're weary. We play Afghan Warrior as a reminder of what we've been supporting over there. We ruminate on what we're going to do with all the boys when we bring the boys back home, and then David ends our lively discussion with Li Ho's Magic Strings.

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