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Radio Free Oz: The Bad Boys Are Back
Thu, 26 Aug 2010 05:01:13

The Bad Boys Are Back

Show Contents:
Empire Jeopardy: Red Cloak For Breakfast - Peter, David, Dave with Sharon Boyle
Hooting, Hollering And Running In The Street - Peter & David
Wrong Boots, Wrong Ground - Peter
Poll Finds More Idiots - Peter & David
Hey, That Diplomat Has A Gun - Peter
Standing Wolf Gets Down - Peter & David
Shadow War: The Bad Boys Are Back - Peter
Stake A Heart Foundation - Charzod Hackerthumb
Cheating On Taliban Dan - Peter
Cherry - Josh Woodward
Mad In Herds - Peter
Sponging Off Of Snowball Earth - Peter & David
The Big Dipper Keeps Getting Bigger - Peter
Paying For The Zombie Suit - Peter & David
Oh, Where's My Name Among The Poets - Peter & David

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