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Radio Free Oz: Baby, You Can't Drive That Car: Week Of 6-20-2011
Mon, 20 Jun 2011 11:30:31

Baby, You Can't Drive That Car: Week Of 6-20-2011

We kick off the show with my remix of Oh, Afghanistan in honor of the endless war, dedicated to building a nation out of rocks, rugs and poppies.

David waxes long and well on the hopeless GOP hopefuls who yakked, yammered and signified nothing up in New Hampshire.

Then it's on to the end of the Battle Of The Bulge as Weinergate withdraws.

One day, it was just on a whim,
He took shots of himself in the gym.
Then he twitted the picts
To his hot Vegas tricks;
Thank goodness, we got rid of him.

We play Jack Knaurer's haunting Johnny Got His Gun and ramble on about the sturm and drang that bedevils us on a daily basis.

Then we salute the brave Saudi women, who like Manal Al-Sherif, risk their physical and mental well-being by having the Hutzpah to drive a car; just one of the many prohibitions that hobble their lives in that Wahabi wonderland.

Manal Al-Sherif is a star
Just for driving around in a car.
But don't let me kid ya,
There are dudes back in Ridyah
Who won't let that lady go far.

We're almost halfway there with our Summer Fund Drive. Come on, folks, jump on board and give what you can to keep Oz on the Web. By the way, we are totally open to any green sponsors who want to reach the 5000+ Radio Free Oz podcasters. Russian dating services need not apply.

Join you again on the other side of the solstice.

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