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Radio Free Oz: Can't Tell The A.C.'s From The D.C.'s: Week Of 6-27-2011
Mon, 27 Jun 2011 11:30:55

Can't Tell The A.C.'s From The D.C.'s: Week Of 6-27-2011

The days were getting longer and now they're getting shorter, as the world goes around and around. Dave and I go round and round on all that's going down in these troubled times, when, as Pastor Flash said, "You can't tell the A.C.'s from the D.C.'s." Seems that New York State doesn't want to make that differentiation any more as they legalize same sex marriage. How odd that the "family values" party should be so opposed to anyone wanting to stabilize the relationship by getting married.

The oceans are dying according to a recent report heralding the first man-made mass extinction. It does put things in perspective. Do I really care whether or not Newt can raise money or that the Tan Woodman and the Prez are out talking trash on the golf course, when we're on the road to extinction?

Putting the end of the world aside, it seems the GOP is set on ending our good credit rating by refusing to remodel the system and raise the debt ceiling. The Ayatollah Jim DeMint says anyone who votes to raise it will be "gone." Shades of Robespierre, don't ya think?

And just why are the Republicans walking away from the negotiations? Because the Democrats have some revenue raising schemes that threaten to take money out of the pockets of the fat cats and bloated corporations that keep Karl Rove and his merry band of vicious propagandists in toney restaurant lunch money. Radical un-American ideas like ending the tax breaks for the oil companies, ending the special tax breaks for corporate jets, raising the tax rates on incomes over half a mil and taking away the caps on deductions for all us honest, working people.

Josh Woodward puts the situation in perspective musically with his Wrong Side Of The Revolution.

After all out rants and raves, David cools us down with Li Po's gentle erotica, A Beautiful Girl Combs Her Hair.

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