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Tue, 28 Jun 2011 15:49:10

I am ashamed of the Republicans in Congress for the juvenile, ill-conceived and radically partisan way they are handling what has blossomed into the debt ceiling crisis. I am appalled at the consequences that will ensue if they force the government to publicly consider defaulting on our obligations, let alone actually doing the deed.

How dare they put our financial system and the world economy at risk to promote their misguided and pernicious crusade to shred our safety net, disregard our crumbling infrastructure, sicken our populace and dumb down our children.

I have never been a great fan of Mitch McConnell, and had little reason to familiarize myself with John Boehner; but did presume that both were reasonably informed, well intentioned and fundamentally committed to our nation's economic heath and growth. They have shown themselves to be none of these.

In the thrall of the nattering nativists, mere tea-puppets themselves of the infinitely greedy and thoroughly anti-democratic right; and dependent on these very same odious plutocrats for the loot to run their campaigns, the likes of McConnell and Boehner have sacrificed the spirit of comity and compromise to the idols of cant and calumny.

The founding fathers faced a similar debt crises. Replying to members of the Continental Congress who toyed with default, James Madison reminded them that "Justice, gratitude, our reputation abroad, and our tranquility at home" required provisions be made to honor the debt.

Two centuries later we face the same challenge with less able hands manning the ship of state. The GOP majority in the House and substantial minority in the Senate are, with very few exceptions, a feckless crew of ideologues, theocrats, lackeys and power mongers, who have neither the sand nor the sense to come to terms with the enormity of the debacle they are stage managing.

That their reckless, self-serving handling of the situation may energize a dazed and confused electorate to cast them all to the back benches and oblivion is small consolation for the dishonored and shattered nation they will leave in their wake.

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