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Wed, 06 Jul 2011 17:31:47

Obama is stradling that thin line of job approval that predicts his fate in 2012.

Atlanta teachers and principals caught cheating and covering up their crimes, as they do what they think they have to do to keep those precious test scores high.

Watch out, the person in front of you in the airport x-ray line may be a human bomb-or not!

"Repeal and Replace" has been replaced with lots of other equally silly and and useless stuff on the NO-P agenda.

Global warming continues to put the Prez's feet to the fire.

With banks and other bloated corporations sitting on a trillion and a half dollars of cold cash, small businesses still can't get a loan or a break.

If they restrict junk food ads on childrens TV, how am I going to keep my youngsters dazed and manageable?

Facebook is eating up the Internet, giving the Google monster a tummy ache.

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