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Thu, 07 Jul 2011 20:24:34

It getting medieval out there in the hustings. GOP candidates are being asked to sign a Marriage Vows pledge, and woe to those who don't.

Latest polls show that Americans are more than ready to tax the rich and the upper middle class in order to pump some much needed revenue into the economy.

A Georgia Republican asks God to protect us from the two forces trying to ruin this country-Al Qaeda and Progressives.

Satellites may be able to warn us when cholera is coming. It's showing up in Hong Kong and Pakistan after a hundred year vacation.

Obama holds a Tweeting Town Hall and has some fun with John Boehner who sent him a snarky Tweet with lots of typos.

I've gone the limerick route to honor the occasion.

The Prez has performed quite a feet.

The first POTUS ever to Tweet.

John Boehner was bitter

When they mocked his snide Twitter;

Hey, log off if you can’t stand the heat!




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