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Radio Free Oz Show Rap-Up for 8/26/10
Thu, 26 Aug 2010 05:58:22

The premiere Empire Jeopardy is back with Jack Browndart, Lt. Col Buddah Braunschweig and Swindaloo Zimmer vying for the big prize. In Hooting, Hollering And Running In The Street, Sheriff Axhandle proves that real life is a whole lot weirder than fiction. Wrong Boots, Wrong Ground spies us sneaking into Pakistan, and the brain dead yahoos who think Obama is a Muslim show up in Poll Finds More Idiots. Hey, That Diplomat Has A Gun salutes the 50,000 State Department wonks and mercenaries off to wedge themselves between the Sunnis and the Kurds. In Standing Wolf Gets Down, the Native Americans put us back in our place, while the worst of the worst return to lead us in Shadow War: The Bad Boys Are Back. Charzod Hackerthumb is thinking out of the box in her Stake A Heart Foundation PSA. One of the few serving members in the House with a sense of humor heckles his dumb ass opponent in Cheating On Taliban Dan. Josh Woodward’s Cherry is a merrily dark confessional, and Maureen Dowd is pissed at the present in Mad In Herds. Scientists push animals back another 80 million years in Sponging Off Of Snowball Earth, while 10,000 retail jobs join history in The Big Dipper Keeps Getting Bigger. The newly undead lurch out of court a winner in Paying For The Zombie Suit and Tang Master Tu Fu is too much in Oh, Where's My Name Among The Poets.

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