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Thu, 21 Jul 2011 17:29:10

As I've said in the past, the Republican Party is dissolving in front of our very eyes.

Even the likes of John McCain is freaked out at the unrealistic, unpopular antics of the soon to be unelectable freshman. It had to happen, once the GOP hitched its opportunistic wagon to the Tea Party Taliban. The American public who can be fooled some of the time are waking from the deep coma of Exceptionalism and taking issue with the ignorant Bozos who are putting us all at risk.

And who's coming out on top? Why it's that mild mannered Superman, the great Not Me. Obama's approval ratings remain in the mid-forties in a nation where five out of six citizens think the country is on the wrong track. Do you think it's possible that they're not only not blaming him for this mess, but appreciate his cool hand on the wheel?

He's certainly whuppin' all the GOP hopefuls thus far, from Mitt the Git to Rick "God Is Calling Me To Run" Perry.

Hang on, we're almost at the brink, where we'll all get a good look at the future.

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