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Fri, 22 Jul 2011 18:19:23

Let's leave the Bozos on the Beltway to their three ring debt ceiling circus, and sniff out what might be a ray of hope on the thoroughly dark horizon.

Voters in Ohio turned in a "Recall Gov. Kasich" petition with four times the number of qualifying signatures, and met the minimum requirements in all 88 counties. A similar effort is underway in Wisconsin to put Gov. Scott Walker on the unemployment roles.

God has talked to another Republican and told them to run for office. He or She has already chatted with Michelle Bachmann and Herman Cain. Now, God has been on the horn with Rick Perry. Rick says he's been talking with the Supreme Being (or Blind Watchmaker if you choose) for some time now. What next? Rick wakes up with the key to a safe deposit box on his chest. Inside, all the money he needs to run,adding another few decibels to the already hideous din of bigotry, hardheartedness, and assorted cant coming from the assembled GOP candidates. (exceptions include Buddy Roehmer, Gary Johnson and John Huntsman who belong in the general category of "Not Insane.")

We've just entered Leo, so stand up like the mighty lion within and donate to Oz.

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