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Fri, 27 Aug 2010 06:21:13

The Dr. Blowjob Show, puts America back to work one American at a time, and in Opening The Same Sex Toolbox, Prez O. does the GLBT heavy lifting behind the scenes. Chocolate, Strawberry Or Pus is a double dip of cautionary news. We shine some much needed light on the deadly, illegal shadow wars in The Rise Of The Eager Pawns, track Ted Nugent in Trample The Weak, Hurdle The Dead and get inside his pig head with Cringe At The Fringe. Keeping America Safe From Liz Cheney sets the record straight on where the survivors of the 9/11 victims stand on the Ground Zero mosque. The Western Heroes conjure up Brujo. We cough up the latest on secondhand smoke with Listen To The Canary In Your Lungs, get all Twittery with social media expert, Scott Wild, further plumb the depths of American ignorance in Poll Finds More Idiots, and endure the moral cowardace of McConnell The Sleazy Weasel. Mindless consumerism has its day in court in Paying For The Zombie Suit, more secret soldiers in Wrong Boots, Wrong Ground, the much lesser Daniel Webster gets his in Cheating On Taliban Dan and David leaves us with another taste of Tang in Stick Around Anyway, Old Friend.

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