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Radio Free Oz: Not Just Equal Time - World Conquest! Week Of 8-22-2011
Mon, 22 Aug 2011 11:30:22

Not Just Equal Time - World Conquest! Week Of 8-22-2011

David and I can't help joining the gaggle of pundits who have been ragging on Gov. Rick Perry, or Prick Ferry as I spoonerized on this show.

An out and out charismatic, theocratic ignoramus is the pink elephant in the room we couldn't ignore. He's an out and out dominionist, a brand of radical Christian that thinks he and his fellow Bible bumpers owe it to God to rule the world, and the rest of us just better fall in line.

No wonder this coiffured gas bag has the temerity to say that global warming is a scam brained up by crooked scientists to being in the bucks. It explains why this hirsute hick wants to lynch the head of the Fed - nothing like a little high plains justice to pull us out of the double dip.

It's a lively show, David and I are fulminating like crazy. It takes Li Po and his Tang dandy, "Waking Up Drunk On A Spring Day" to cool us down.

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