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Mon, 30 Aug 2010 05:05:51

Cubby Vineline whips them up at the One Way Lite Church in No More Chinese Food. One of the Charter Ozinears gets his comments read in An Informed Ouch Potato, and Paul Krugman cuts the Bush tax cuts a whole new window on the world in Bloated On Bad Entertainment & Bad Food. Terror returns to Iraq in This Is The State, This Is The Government?, while the first half of a brave scientist’s struggle to out the Frankenfood monster is told in The GMO Horror Story Part 1. The navy loses an unmanned helicopter over D.C. in Guided Only By Its Evil Robot Brain, a taste of brain jumbo is offered up in What A Fleming Asshole and Josh Woodward’s Revolution Now calls us to action. Anna Hamilton talks about pot politics on her solar powered phone in The Emerald Triangle Part 1, and NASA may have found somebody else’s home in Another Solar System. Dr. Pustzai’s epic battle with the gene splicers wraps up in The GMO Horror Story Part 2, and we Tang out with The Dipper Curves Down The Sky.

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