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Radio Free Oz: Hive Mind, Will Assassinate: Week Of 10-3-2011
Mon, 03 Oct 2011 13:00:49

Hive Mind, Will Assassinate: Week Of 10-3-2011

David and I ream the President a new perspective on killing people he doesn't like at a distance. The latest was an American citizen, who wasn't charged with any crime. What happens when they bring the drones back home?

Elizabeth Warren is a breath of fresh air amongst the gaggle of politicians foully bought by Wall St.

Mitt Romney will pay penance again when he appears this week at the Value Voters Forum to kiss the butts of Jim Dobson's crackpot culture warriors. Mitt will be followed on stage by Bryan Fischer who doesn't believe the First Amendment applies to Mormons.

David takes us back to simpler time when the poet Li Ho wrote of The October Moon.

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