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Tue, 03 Jan 2012 04:23:10

The three dollar a month subscription will put Oz on a stable basis and we can go forward with our plans for added goodies without looking over our shoulders to se if we can afford to be funny and incisive and surreal or in this case just self-congratulatory.

We're going to ease into the pay per format., encouraging all of you to become Charter OZINEARS which has its perks, but not denying the daily show to all our regular listeners and those we wish to bring on board.

Our goal is a minimum of five thousand OZINEARS  by the end of this year. We have approximately 1300 people who download load the show on a daily basis, so we're looking for another 3700 or so heads to screw around with.

We have some new features we're already putting in place. One is joining up with a CHNL, a new Web company that has developed some nifty software that makes it easy for us to get you subscribed and served. Daily Radio Free Oz will be available for download off CHNL as well as the service you're presently employing, but it will also offer an up to date archive, and some interesting products in our 99% Store, 5% of each sale will go to Occupy Wall Street. We're also going to be posting Oz earlier so that it will be ready at the the top of the day for you EST and   CST'ers.

CHNL will also make it easy for us to stream video and audio specials, plus we have with plans to produce a live Webcast this summer. For those of you who subscribed through the BIg Green button on, we will credit it all towards your OZINEARS   account and will be e-mailing you with confirmations soon.

Get ready a for a totally facelifted Radio Free Oz Site. In the past we have had little luck getting y to go up to,the site, but that was because there's wasn't all that much up there. Change is on the way. This week we're launching THE EAST WING our new Cartoon series penned and written by Phil Fountain and myself. We'll also be posting links to articles, videos and graphics that inspire us here on Oz.

Also we're designing a new Radio Free Oz blog so that we can communicate more easily. We want you take on what's happening and links I can explore for future shows. Also, we're going to be experimenting very soon with a live blog where can go back and forth in real time.

2012 is an exciting time for Oz, dedicated as always to Getting Through This Together.

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