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Radio Free Oz Transforms Into A Web Magazine
Sat, 04 Sep 2010 20:47:06

This has been a remarkable Labor Day weekend thus far. Vacationing at the south end of Puget Sound with friends and thoroughly enjoying the beauty of it all. This is the end of summer and the beginning of the new Oz. As of Monday 9-6, we're moving up to a Web magazine format. The Oz Mall is under construction, and will soon be a nicely surreal place to hang out and shop. We are also building an Oz Audiophile section where you'll be able to download both High Res (20 bit-48k) and CD (16 bit-40k) quality Oz files. Thanks to Dave Malony's uncompromising audio standards, Radio Free Oz has been recorded at 20-48 from the first show on. I'll be interested to hear from you about listening to Oz at High Res or CD on your home audio system. One of my friends reports that it is a very warm and intimate sound, capturing the atmosphere at Blue Ewe Studios where it all goes down.
Other new developments to be announced on the Wednesday 9-8 show. So, stay tuned, tell your friends about Oz and retweets us. Happy Labor Day to all the Ozinears.

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