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Sat, 04 Sep 2010 23:16:51

So, all the pundits and the polls tell us that we are going to see a whole lot fewer Democrats in the congress after the midterm elections.

If the Dems are reduced to slim margins in both houses, then there will have to a whole new game plan laid down by Pelosi & Reid. It's all going to have to be done by reconciliation-51% does it.

We will be facing a 30's style depression, wearing a different style of glad rags. You don't have to be camera center in a Walker Evans photograph to be a player in the New Depression. And while we're waiting for the stimulus economy to kick in, we're going to have to find a way to support the families and individuals who are caught in the changeover.

The Republicans haven't a clue, because they have given up the hard work of planning for and working towards the betterment of the Commonwealth.

It will get real bad, real soon after the midterms, and suddenly everyone will be looking for some way to get through the transition from a totally unsustainable life style to something that works.

No easy transition; but sitting around blaming the "not me" is not going to do it. Being clever about how to get by with less, grow or make your own, bring people together, get off the grid-whatever-is going to get really sexy. Can't say, "I can hardly wait," because I'm hardly going to have to wait for this to happen.

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