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Radio Free Oz: The Stimulus Symphony
Mon, 06 Sep 2010 05:01:29

The Stimulus Symphony

Cubby Grapevine has the answer for recruiting the Middle Kingdom in No More Chinese Food, and Dave and I vaguely complain about Working On Labor Day. The housing bubble floats away in Feels Good To Wear Out My House, and David reads The Carol Of Occupations, Whitman’s salute to work. A GOP biggie comes out of the closet somewhere in the big tent in Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Do Anything, and the breadth of the Obama/Biden vision comes to life in The Stimulus Symphony Part 1. Carl Sandburg glorifies Work Gangs, and the GMO boys are back trying to mutate us for our own good in Will The Frankenfish Walk Among Us. Dana Lyons throws a shoe or two in the works with Turn Of The Wrench, and the world looks greener still as The Stimulus Symphony Part 2 wraps up. David finds a break for the working stiff in Vacations, a fortuneteller sees too much in Re-Peat Offender, George Tirebiter does Maggie’s Farm and Laughing With The Grouchy Chef salutes a one-man show. Happy Labor Day-hope you’re working.

Show Contents:
No More Chinese Food - Peter, David & Dave Malony
Working On Labor Day - Peter & David
Feels Good To Wear Out My House - Peter
The Carol Of Occupations - David
Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Do Anything - Peter & David
The Stimulus Symphony, Part 1 - Peter
Work Gangs - David
Will The Frankenfish Walk Among Us - Peter
Turn Of The Wrench - Dana Lyons
The Stimulus Symphony, Part 2 - Peter
Vacations - David
Re-Peat Offender - Peter & David
Maggie's Farm - George Tirebiter
Laughing With The Grouchy Chef - Peter & David

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