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Radio Free Oz: Don't Blame Me, Blame The Not-Me
Wed, 08 Sep 2010 05:01:11

Don't Blame Me, Blame The Not-Me

The congregation of the One Way Lite Church are asked to sacrifice for world domination in No More Chinese Food, and David and I try to hustle you up to on We Need Your Clicks. Buying back the Taliban is a no-show in Afghanistan in Ali Ali Infree Taliban Brothers, and the GOP weasels and rat-finks return in Dirty Tricks and Faux Hawks. Don’t Blame Me. Blame The Not-Me is straight off Bergman’s Blog up on the site. Chow down on the battlefield in Men Ready To Eat, and it’s déjà vue time in Iraq in Turning The Page On More Of The Same. The Western Heroes serve up a Troubled Mind; an insane preacher is ready to set the world on fire in Burning Korans In Pig Town and a Montana slacker texts the wrong Dawg in Hood Is A State Of Mind. Dark clouds gather over the Continent as The Euro Slide Ride Reopens, and there’s a Hempmobile in your future according to Here Comes The Model Tea. Don’t Close Your Eyes is Josh Woodward’s dark tune and there’s healing in those illegal herbs in Schroom On And Pass The 9.5. Jan Brewer gets her hairdo screwed on straight in No More Headless Bodies. No More Debates, and David winds it up with a trip back to the Tang of To Fu’s autumn.

Show Contents:
No More Chinese Food - Peter, David & Dave Malony
We Need Your Clicks - Peter & David
Ali Ali Infree Taliban Brothers - Peter
Dirty Tricks and Faux Hawks - Peter & David
Don't Blame Me, Blame The Not-Me - Peter
Men Ready To Eat - Peter & David
Turning The Page On More Of The Same - Peter
Troubled Mind - Western Heroes
Burning Korans In Pig Town - Peter
Hood Is A State Of Mind - Peter & David
The Euro Slide Ride Reopens - Peter
Here Comes The Model Tea - Peter & David
Don't Close Your Eyes - Josh Woodward
Schroom On And Pass the 9.5 - Peter
No More Headless Bodies, No More Debates - Peter
A Meal Of Mountain Ferns - Peter & David

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