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Radio Free Oz: Drone 'Em All - Let Allah Sort 'Em Out
Thu, 09 Sep 2010 05:01:27

Drone 'Em All - Let Allah Sort 'Em Out

Cubby Vineline shows us how we can take our muscle cars back from the Musselmen in No More Chinese Food, and Luther Axhandle reports the latest local traumas in We Don’t Have A Swear Squad. General Petraeus is worried about the wingnuts in Florida in Burn A Koran-Kill A G.I. and we learn how to finance a dream house Sharia style in Deconstructing The Junk Mail. The nightmare goes on in Pakistan Is Drowning, and we meet the skinhead star of You’re One Of Us in Babeu The Baboon. A peek at the cabal in Kabul with More Tales Of The Quagmire; pious America shines in Rich And Religious and The Midterm of Our Madness is another offering from Bergman’s Blog up on the Web. The Western Heroes croon The Game Of Love; it’s Buzzcut For Senate and the Wall Street wunderkinds find another way to bet on the brink in Oh, Those Sneaky Banks. TV loses a lifer in The Junk Man Goeth; the CIA continues to run wild in Drone ‘Em All-Let Allah Sort ‘Em Out and David’s haunting poem takes us back to the beginning of the war we “just ended” with The First Five Days Of War. The Dems can hold the fort if we Don’t Vote For Craven And Crass and Tu Fu returns in Mountains And Forests To Addle Me With Joy.

Show Contents:
No More Chinese Food - Peter, David & Dave Malony
We Don't Have A Swear Squad - Peter & David
Burn A Koran - Kill A G. I. - Peter
Deconstructing The Junk Mail - Peter & David
Pakistan Is Drowning - Peter
You're One Of Us - Peter & Dave Malony
Babeu The Baboon - Peter
More Tales Of The Quagmire - Peter
Rich And Religious - Peter & David
The Midterm Of Our Madness - Peter
Game Of Love - Western Heroes
Buzzcut For Senate - Peter & David
Oh, Those Sneaky Banks - Peter
The Junk Man Goeth - Peter & David
Drone 'Em All - Let Allah Sort 'Em Out - Peter
The First Five Days Of War - David
Don't Vote For Craven And Crass - Peter
Mountains And Forests To Addle Me With Joy - Peter & David

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