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RFO - 2/25/2013 - Houston We Have A Solution
Sun, 24 Feb 2013 17:06:26

Hi gang,

Here is an update to the 2/22/2013 post, regarding technical difficulties with the RFO archive:

It appears that the RFO archive podcasts that have gone missing cover the time period from May through December 2011. Everything else appears to be intact. With Tom Gedwillo's help, we will get these podcasts restored.

In addition: there are a lot of broken podcast links that need to be fixed, from May 2011 onward. We are restoring these links in reverse chronological order. We hope to have links fixed for the podcasts from mid-2012 to the present by the time you read this. If you happen to go back through previous podcasts, and you encounter problems with the links, please report them to us via the podcast comment mechanism.

Finally, we are back on schedule and have resumed posting new archival PB & FT podcasts. We will continue to post new archival podcasts as we proceed to restore past podcasts and fix broken links.

Thanks for your patience. We will have another update on the podcast/link restoration process in the near future. And please don't touch that dial.

-The Management

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