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Tue, 14 Sep 2010 15:07:16

Hello, Dear Friends!  This won't always be a poetry blog, but I thought you'd like to read the latest "news poem" I read on Oz recently.  The double-spacing makes it a little long, but you can manage that.  Oh, and "rock snot" is an invasive algae.



rock snot travels on felt-soled boots

the long-haired man with green eyes

blew his body right in two

got it on my phone

50 dead men all around and

their blood everywhere

mingled with loose change

broken watches

bits of the “cowardly attacker”

(whichever half)

his head stuck on a fruitstand down the block


rock snot keeps moving stream to stream

Southward softly

on felt-soled shoes

the over-dressed windbag with stupid hair

gets a hung jury

so goes Old Chi Town

and down South in Juarez a smear

of red, white and blue blood

thickens on the pavement



and a woman keens over the body whom

we’ll never know

as the Drug War goes on smokin’

across some desert border grid where nothin’ grows


rock snot

one diatomic cell at a time

takes over

Cape Cod

one day watermelons next day slime

this guy Ramzi bin al-Shibh

doesn’t look like a guy you’d trust to mow your lawn

Bugs Bunny teeth

khol-eyed, droopy lidded, stoned perhaps on

God Himself

a bad bad guy closeted in Cuba since ought-six


by now must know which way to face

by the arrows CIA painted on the prison floors

and surely has finished his


on how


apply for a job opportunity in                           Yemen?

here’s the thing

the CIA had that piece of rock snot in a prison

they built

in Morocco

kif capital of the World!

How did that happen?  If I paid taxes I’d wonder . . .

a bad bad Tom Cruiser of a purple plot

a make believe Sly’s still here muscle

man gun car prison human hero movie

all about this guy Ramzi from Old Shibh Town


didn’t have a chance to go down

to the local unemployment line

and part himself piously body from soul

because like Bing and Bob the CIA could ship him off

Morocco bound


That’s how the rock snot moves

one long-haired green-eyed bomber at a time

one hung jury

one more body in the street

one bad bad guy

one CIA prison in Morocco at a time

one felt sole

at a time

and when you need “a break from America”

when it gets really scary around your money or your life

there’s always Abu Dhabi

and the Blackwater Princes

that’s where the rock snot dies

on the soles of




David Ossman - from NYT 8/18-19/10

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