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Radio Free Oz: Newt Is Off His Toot
Thu, 16 Sep 2010 05:01:41

Newt Is Off His Toot

Yves St. Stool helps you hob-nob with the booboisie in Mid Term Moderne, and your co-hosts muse over the upcoming Firesign Theatre show in Anchor Babies Aweigh. There’s a whole lot of whistle blowback in Winning The Bowels And Butts; she’s out of the closet and maybe back in the Air Force in Start Asking, Start Telling and the former Speaker is clearly losing it in Newt Is Off His Toot. It’s all Mickey Mouse and plutocrats for the Republicans in Stand Up For The Trickle Down; the drunkards are the last to leave the party in I Drink; Therefore I Live and Josh Woodward lets it all go in Swansong. Thumb candy and moral decay abound in Let’s Play Finger Of Honor; Raul sees the light in Giving Cuba A Free Haircut; Ralph Nader shows us There’s Elbow Room In Corporate Facism and the Saudis get lots of boom for their buck in War Toys For The Wahabis. Your local terrorist is on Facebook in Obama Bin Moose and Li Ho takes us out in classic Tang style with Laughter! Green Fire In The Nest!

Show Contents:
Mid Term Moderne - Peter, David & Dave Malony
Anchor Babies Aweigh - Peter & David
Winning The Bowels And Butts - Peter
Start Asking, Start Telling - Peter
Newt Is Off His Toot - Peter & David
Stand Up For Trickle Down - Peter
I Drink; Therefore I Live - Peter
Swansong - Josh Woodward
Let's Play Finger Of Honor - Peter
Giving Cuba A Free Haircut - Peter
There's Elbow Room In Corporate Fascism - Peter & David
War Toys For The Wahabis - Peter
Osama Bin Moose - Peter
Laughter! Green Fire In The Nest! - Peter & David

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