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Wed, 15 Sep 2010 19:18:18

Of course I know how small a state Delaware is; but I never figured on how many small minds reside there.

They've nominated a candidate to run for the Senate on the GOP ticket (don't tell Abe Lincoln, his casket RPM's are red-lining already) who under any other circumstances would be labeled Demented-Lite and laughed off the stage.

But this is the fall, and soon winter, of our discontent and Christine O'Donnell makes a whole lot of sense to people who have very little of their own.

Okay, she denies evolution and claims the Big Guy made the world in six 24/7's. No surprise. Her party tried to put a woman in the White House, one myocardial heartbeat away from The Button, who claims to have seen fossils commingled with the feet of giant dinosaurs and little children, proving they frolicked together in the the Scripture's not too distant past.

Okay, she thinks abstinence is a workable solution, despite all the statistics and single mothers to the contrary. No biggie. Christine knows statistics are the foot soldiers of secular science, who serve only the elite and their minions of smarter-than-thou intellectuals.

Okay, she claims masturbation is sexual perversion, despite millions of happy testamonials from those of us who beat off to a different drum.

None of her whacko ways disqualify her from running for office. What they would do in a better and saner time would disqualify her in the minds of any voter who took the time to figure out that putting an ignorant, bible-beating, retro cheerleader in the Senate is reckless and stupid.

Imagine making her one of the one hundred votes that peoples the Supreme Court, funds the War On The Not-Me, giveth or taketh away the bread from the needy and stands guard with our Founding Fathers at the sacred border between church and state.

Should she ascend to the senior chamber, she might find birdbrains of a feather if Rand Paul (rumored to be the love child of Ron Paul and Ayn Rand) and Sharron Angle surf home on this wave of fear and anger.

Christine can join Jim Inhofe and hotly deny global warming; help what's left of John McCain finish That Dang Fence and complement a feast of choice tax cuts for the rich with an after dinner Jim DeMint.

Remember, little minds can achieve great things if great minds do little to stop them.

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