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Radio Free Oz: Pastor Pyromaniac: The Best Of The Best
Fri, 17 Sep 2010 05:01:27

Pastor Pyromaniac The Best Of The Best

David and I mourn the imminent passing of America’s best fish wrap in We’ll Miss The Paper Hats and it’s who’s at the other end of the joystick in We Need Terrorist Flash Cards. Michael Neunann takes a sober look at the Near East in the Michael Neumann Interview #1; I turn a blog into a rant with Eat The Rich; the unlikeliest of heroes skates through in Dude, You Have No Koran and it’s the latest of yours truly’s abecedaries as we go from The A’s Thru The Z’s. Not enough sheckles to calm the Taliban in The Wrong End Of The End Game; the Western Heroes croon The Stars Are Crying; Terry Jones writes the good book on playing the media in Pastor Pyromaniac and the Reverend Barnstormer wants us to say “thank you” a lot in Freedom. The Saudis turn gushers into guns in War Toys For The Wahabis; Osama Bin Moose is not the Facebook friend you want to share; Dana Lyons has us Swinnin’ In The Big and the interpreters can’t understand a word they’re saying in Sorry-No Speak Pashtun. Enjoy the weekend and catch us on Monday.

Show Contents:
Mid Term Moderne - Peter, David & Dave Malony
We'll Miss The Paper Hats - Peter & David
We Need Terrorist Flash Cards - Peter
Michael Neumann Interview #1 - Peter
Eat The Rich - Peter
Dude, You Have No Koran - Peter & David
The A's Thru The Z's - Peter
At The Wrong End Of The End Game - Peter
The Stars Are Crying - Western Heroes
Pastor Pyromaniac - Peter
Freedom - Rev. Barnstormer
War Toys For The Wahabis - Peter
Osama Bin Moose - Peter
Swimmin' In The Big - Dana Lyons
Sorry-No Speak Pashtun - Peter

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